Learning the alphabet is a crucial first step to literacy, and interactive videos that use repetition can be a great reinforcement tool. Mother Goose Club has an expansive library of alphabet songs that serve this purpose – we’ve chosen 5 of our favorites for your next alphabet lesson!

Practice Lowercase Letters:

A lot of videos and toys focus only on uppercase letters, but it’s never too early to start on lowercase. Gain exposure to lowercase letters with “apple to zebra“. This silly animation takes us inside the pages of a lowercase alphabet book featuring bright and happy characters, lowercase letters and two-syllable vocabulary words. Since the song features a call and response style, it’s easy to model how to sing along for your child.

Practice Uppercase Letters:

Practice your uppercase letters with “ANT BAT CAT“, featuring a group of beautifully designed, texture-rich animated characters. The song video’s lyrics introduce each letter and a one syllable word that’s repeated five times.

Practice Phonics:

Practice consonant sounds in “Letters Do Things“. This animation features a catchy tune and a silly cast of characters that call themselves the “letter crew”. Watch B bake, J jump, T tap and much more. Talk about what else the letter crew can do!

Learn With Movement:

ABC Dance With Me” features an adorable conga-line of characters, each with a fun and unique dance for every letter of the alphabet. Music and movement are proven to inspire deeper learning and boost memorization. Show us your best bunny hop, robot and ninja kicks!

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition:

ABC Song With Eep the Mouse” takes us through the alphabet song four times with lowercase and uppercase letters. Repetition is so important for early learners and absolutely essential to their understanding that letter names represent symbols with sounds. Wherever your child is in their journey to understanding the alphabet, they can’t go wrong singing along with Eep in this fun and colorful video!

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