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It’s time to squeeze in as much fun outdoors with your little ones before the weather gets cold. Read on for instructions to play a fun outdoor scavenger hunt that will put everyone’s reading skills to the test! This activity focuses on sight word recognition. This practice is imperative for young new readers.

Here’s what you will need:

Take the kids outside if the weather permits. Write out words with chalk on the pavement. Then, write the same words on index cards and hide the cards to create a fun scavenger hunt! When it’s time to play have the kids find the hidden flash cards, and have them match the cards to the words written on the pavement.

To level up this game set a timer and see if the kids can find all the cards before time’s up! Or create your own rules. For example, find words that rhyme with the card you pick. For extra reading practice, ask each kid to read the words aloud whenever they find a flashcard.


  • Call out a word written on the ground have the kids hop to each word called.
  • Create sentences with found words. Make it fun and silly!

If it’s a rainy day, but you would still like to get in some reading practice with your little ones you can write the sight words on construction paper and tape down the papers to the floor.

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