Short form videos are not just for kids! For this Father’s Day, why not think about creating your own TikTok or IG Reel videos? We have compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to get you started on the road to loads of creative fun for your family.

Express yourself!

  • There are some videos that just by the title alone make them hard to resist watching, choose your words wisely and keep it brief
  • Showcase an engaging thumbnail that highlights the best moments of your video, such as emotional or funny facial expressions
  • Use the first few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, no need for fade ins or slow music

No need to dive into the deep end.

  • Start off with shorter, 15 second clips to begin with, and as your get more comfortable with making videos then move up to making longer clips
  • Every video doesn’t have to an original masterpiece, many popular clips are different versions of other popular dances, skits or singing shorts
  • If you aren’t entirely comfortable being in front of a camera, involve your family from the start! MGC Playhouse is popular because kids love watching other kids playing, singing and dancing.

Don’t neglect the basics.

  • Most people will watch TikTok and IG videos on a mobile device, so make sure your video is filmed in a format with that in mind. Make it easy for viewers so they don’t have to zoom in or flip their device to optimize their viewing experience
  • Take care that there is adequate lighting, camera stability and that there are no unwanted distractions in the background while filming
  • Make yourself familiar with the rules associated with each platform so that you don’t ruffle any feathers of the social media powers that be

I hope these tips will help you have tons of fun this Father’s Day weekend. Just one last tip to add to the list, and probably the most important one at that. Don’t forget to promote your videos by sharing on other social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #mothergooseclub.

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