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You’ve seen our educational nursery rhyme videos, but have you checked out our board books? Based on some of your child’s favorite nursery rhyme videos and characters, Mother Goose Club board books engage children and parents with beautifully illustrated pages that are designed to educate and entertain. Each board book has thick pages and rounded corners to withstand the daily use and encourage the development of fine motor skills when little fingers page through.

Even very young children feel like readers with Mother Goose Club board books. Memorizing and reciting familiar nursery rhymes and songs are among the first steps in learning to read. Each page features large text so children begin to associate printed words with the content they know and love.

The Wheels on the Bus book spread

Why Read Nursery Rhymes?

Many parents ask, “Should I read to my child even if they can’t understand all of the words?” Although a child may not yet fully understand every word, it’s never too early to start reading to them. Reading aloud is one of the most effective early teaching tools – you can even start before your baby is born. When your child hears you read (at any age), they internalize the basic sounds and patterns of language. When your child sees you read, they aspire to read and begin to understand that printed words have meaning. So start now!

Our “Favorite Nursery Rhymes” book features a collection of familiar nursery rhymes so children can develop phonemic awareness (the ability to recognize the different sounds that make a word) and build vocabulary. Even before your child can name all the letters in the alphabet, they may be able to point to the farm animals you’re reading about in “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” or tell you the words “pie” and “sky” sound the same when you read “Jack B. Nimble”. Celebrate when these things happen! Your child is on their way to becoming a reader!

Jack Be Nimble book spread

Tips for Reading

Because children are familiar with nursery rhymes and able to memorize them quickly, they feel empowered, in control and like experts. Take advantage of their confidence and foundational knowledge as you explore and discuss new vocabulary or related stories.

Teach your child that printed words have meaning by pointing to words as you read them and run your finger under sentences so that they can learn that English is read from left to right.

Any time spent with books is good for your child. Let them flip through the pages, turn the book upside-down and play – they are exploring the book’s texture and function. The durable pages are designed to withstand experiences like this – children acquire most of their knowledge from sensory experience so playing with books is another important step to learning to read.

Also try acting out the rhymes! Pretend-play with your child to help them understand a nursery rhymes’ story more deeply and perform the hand motions where applicable to develop the fine motor skills necessary for future tasks associated with language development, such as writing. For example, try mimicking the hand motions in “The Wheels on the Bus” or “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to develop motor skills!

When you make time to read with your child, they associate positive feelings with reading. These positive feelings will remain with your child throughout their life and predispose them to be lifelong readers.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider book spread

We Want to Hear From You!

Have you tried Mother Goose Club’s books yet? Which are your family’s favorite children’s books? Share your tips and learning experiences with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Happy reading and rhyming!

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