Developing healthy habits early in life can bring lifelong benefits, so it’s never too early to start enforcing positive daily routines. Mother Goose Club videos use the power of nursery rhymes, music and movement to educate and encourage positive behaviors.

Start with a small and simple task to build momentum and a sense of accomplishment. Encourage children to learn from their mistakes along the way. It’s also important to lead by example, so don’t forget to brush YOUR teeth too!

Try using the videos below to help strengthen and reinforce some of your family’s daily habits.

Bedtime Routine:

We know bedtime can be beyond frustrating, but what they say about routines is true – they can help make the process go a little smoother. Use this video as a signal bedtime is near, or to build familiarity and comfort. Have the kids follow along with Caralyn as she takes us through her routine and work up to accomplishing your own checklist each night.

Brushing Your Teeth:

This is often a major bedtime obstacle, but encouragement from your favorite characters and a fun song and dance can help keep those pearly whites clean. Follow along with Mary, Teddy and Jack as they teach the importance of brushing your teeth each night, especially after some late-night ice cream!

Practicing Good Manners:

Instilling good manners at an early age can have behavioral benefits that last well into adulthood. Start simple by teaching the importance of saying “please” and “thank you”. Mastering this habit can help children develop empathy, perspective and kindness.

Tidying Up:

Just like bedtime, it’s helpful to get each day started with a routine – even if it’s as quick and simple as tidying up the bedroom and making the bed. Eep, Baa Baa and Mary once again use song and dance to encourage kids to model this positive behavior.

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