The topic of children’s media safety is more relevant than ever, particularly with today’s prevalence of advertising on websites, such as YouTube, that kids frequently use. This has been an active discussion in the news, and also with our fans. Mother Goose Club’s creators, Harry and Sona Jho, have been at the forefront of this conversation and they recently sat down to answer some of your questions and offer insight as both parents and creators.

Talk To Us

Join our Facebook Group to connect, stay informed and discuss all things children’s media safety with us. If you have specific questions or concerns, this group is an effective platform to voice those.

Additionally, you can reach out to us anytime via our website, Facebook page and Instagram. We welcome and value your input and feedback!

Where Should Parents Watch MGC?

It’s important for parents to feel they have control over the platform their child is using. For this reason, we’re proud to have expanded our content library across a number of different platforms, in order to give parents the freedom of choice to enjoy Mother Goose Club in an environment they are comfortable in.

For parents who primarily use YouTube for Mother Goose Club content, we recommend browsing our tips for safely navigating YouTube.

What’s In the Works?

We’re working to build upon our Show Me How series by developing more content for you – the parents, teachers and caregivers. Last year, we released our blog with the goal of empowering families with resources and tips that will inspire joyful learning.

We’ll continue building upon these resources and lines of communication in order to be as accessible, informative and engaged as possible with our fans. So stay tuned for more candid videos and blogs, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Taking a Stand

On July 30, Harry and Sona took an official stance on this topic with a letter to the FTC voicing support for important changes the FTC wishes to implement, as well as concerns with their plan to get us there. You can read the full letter here. Harry and Sona strongly support privacy and believe that kids should, under no circumstances, be tracked. At the same time, there is a vibrant community of children’s creators supported by advertising revenue, so wholly removing advertising on kids’ content could have repercussions as well.

Additionally, on October 7, Harry participated in an important public workshop at the FTC in Washington, D.C. where he expressed these same thoughts and concerns. You can watch a full playback of the workshop here (Harry’s panel begins at 3:14:30).

Join the Conversation

We hope you’ll join us in this important conversation by sharing your own opinions and questions. On our end, we’ll continue striving to make your experiences with Mother Goose Club as safe and enriching as possible. Our ultimate goal is to inspire joyful learning for families around the world, and we’re grateful for your trust and support.

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