Mother Goose Club Let’s Play combines exciting gameplay from popular kids games (Minecraft, Mario and more) with MGC’s passion and mission to bring joyful learning to families. Some parents may have hesitations when it comes to video games (and rightly so), but when used properly and in moderation, games can serve as a valuable supplemental learning tool.

For example, Minecraft’s gameplay mechanics have been lauded for helping to develop creativity, problem-solving, spatial awareness and computer skills. By creating their own virtual worlds and scenarios, kids can let their imaginations run wild. Video games can also be an effective (and fun!) tool to bond and relate with your children. We love this quote from Tim Woda, an Internet and Mobile Safety Expert:

“I go into schools all the time and ask, ‘How many of you have ridden bikes with your kids? How many of you have played dollhouse with your kids?’ Parents’ hands go up. ‘How many of you have played Minecraft? How many of you have played a game online with your children?’ Arms never go up. Moms and dads need to appreciate that the toys of childhood have changed, and if they want to engage it might include sitting around playing Minecraft together. It may not be Monopoly.”

Let’s Play features the familiar Mother Goose Club characters that your kids already recognize and love. And the live-action videos feature kids playing, joking and problem-solving. Just like our nursery rhyme videos, Let’s Play content is kid-friendly and designed to educate and entertain early learners.

Check out some of our most recent adventures below, and subscribe on YouTube. Let us know what other games you’d like to see using #mothergooseclub on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Happy gaming!

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