This year’s Halloween presents all of us with some unique challenges. You may be conflicted, wondering if it’s safe to answer the door when all those costumed trick or treaters come knocking.

When in doubt, the obvious answer is always crafting! This Haunted House is simple to make, and can be taped to your front door or even a cardboard box in your front yard. It will hold between 10 – 15 self-serve treats and helps you to social distance while distributing them to your visitors.

Most materials can be found around the house or at a local store. If you are not able to find clothespins, you can use large paper clips as substitutes.


  • Colored paper (black, white, orange, 2 sheets of purple, gray)
  • Large piece of cardboard (approximately 20” x 20”)
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Tape
  • Yarn
  • Clothespins
  • Black Sharpie

Approximate crafting time: 30 minutes

Step 1 – Cut

Cut the purple paper in half and form the roof of the haunted house according to the picture.

Cut out ghost shapes from the white paper, use sharpie to draw faces.

Cut out the windows from the black paper.

Cut the gray paper into strips to form the panes for the windows.

Cut out window shutters and frames from the orange paper.

Step 2 – Glue

Glue the purple roof on top of the cardboard house. Next, glue the window pieces in this order: black window, ghost figure, gray strips, orange shutters. Use leftover pieces of purple to make the door and cover the tops of some windows. Don’t worry if some pieces are not completely straight, it is a spooky old haunted house after all.

Step 3 – Tape Yarn

Securely tape the ends of the yarn to the back of the cardboard. Repeat with another piece of yarn but no more than 3 total, make sure there is at least 4 inches of space between each. Clip about 4 clothespins to each piece of yarn.

Now you are ready to hang your treat dispenser on your front door, a table, or a stand alone cardboard box! Be sure to have items that will clip easily to the clothespins such as bags of M&Ms or small candy bars. I would also recommend adding a small sign that says “Please take one” and check on it frequently so that it be refilled. You can decorate your own haunted house treat dispenser anyway you like, but be sure to share it with us!

Post your own haunted house on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #mothergooseclub.

Have a safe and treat-filled Halloween!

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