Make Your Own Bo Peep Costume

Is your child a fan of Little Bo Peep? Bring Bo Peep to life with this simple and affordable costume craft! Costumes can elevate your child’s pretend-play and involving them in the crafting process has tons of benefits. Projects like this help develop problem-solving and fine motor skills, creativity, imagination and artistic expression in children of all ages.

While making costumes, you can talk to your child about following directions (including what steps come first, next and last), help them count materials and talk about shapes. If your child is an early reader, you can also practice reading and comprehension skills by having them help read the instructions below.

Crafting time is bonding time – encourage discussion, questions and artistic liberties along the way. Remember – your finished product will only last so long, but the memories you create crafting will last a lifetime. Making a DIY Mother Goose Club costume is a great activity for super-fan birthdays, Halloween or dress-up!


All the materials you need are below. Most everything can be found around the house or at your local store. Get creative, improvise and let us know what works for you!

Bo Peep costume materials
  • Yellow t-shirt
  • Pink leggings
  • Yellow socks
  • Felt: orange, gold, dark pink
  • Dark pink yarn
  • Wide Headband
  • Orange ribbon
  • Orange duct tape
  • Cardboard tube
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Bo Peep’s Socks

Bo Peep costume step 1

Wrap the orange tape in stripes around the socks. Make sure to leave a decent gap at the back so that the socks can still stretch and aren’t uncomfortable to wear.

Step 2: Bo Peep’s Leggings

Bo Peep costume step 2

For Bo Peep’s leggings, start by cutting the bottoms off. Then fold them up to create a cuff. You want the leggings to end a couple inches below the knee, so cut and cuff accordingly! Cut some polka dots form the dark pink felt and glue them on. If you want, get creative with the number, size and arrangement of the polka dots!

Step 3: Bo Peep’s Skirt

Bo Peep costume step 3

Cut a long ribbon of orange felt to fit the waist of your special costume-wearer. Then, cut out some large orange petals and dark pink felt pockets. Glue your pockets onto the petals, and then the petals onto the ribbon!

Step 4: Bo Peep’s Shirt

Bo Peep costume step 4

Cut out Bo Peep’s collar from dark pink felt and three gold felt buttons. Glue these onto the shirt.

Steps 5-8: Bo Peep’s Crown & Headband

Bo Peep costume step 5

Cut your cardboard tube into three pieces. Now, cut out a crown-shaped strip of orange felt that’s long enough to wrap around the cardboard ring, and tall enough to fully conceal it. Glue the felt around the ring as pictured.

Bo Peep costume step 6

Glue and wrap the yarn around one of the remaining cardboard rings. Squish down the yarn-wrapped tube slightly, and place it inside the crown like a bun.

Bo Peep costume step 7

Wrap your headband in the yarn, as well! This is easiest and cleanest if you glue the yarn to one end of the headband, wrap it around, and glue it again on the other end.

Bo Peep costume step 8

Glue your finished crown to the top of the headband. Leave it slightly off-centered to give it the classic Bo Peep look.

Wear It and Share It!

Once everything is dry and set, it’s time to get dressed up!

Share your finished product on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #mothergooseclub! We love getting crafty and celebrating with Mother Goose Club families around the world!

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