Me-time Moments for a Balanced Holiday

Making time for yourself can feel impossible (especially during the holidays). Don’t underestimate the power of giving yourself a few me-time moments with these five simple ideas:

1. Move Your Body!

Get those feel-good endorphins! Go for a walk, take a class, do a home workout, or just chase the kids and belly laugh. These are all worthwhile ways to keep yourself feeling healthy and happy!

2. A Little Hobby Goes a Long Way.

Hobbies are joyful practices that bring balance to the responsibilities of the day. When you exercise your creativity, you model positive behavior for your kids. Sing in the car at the top of your lungs, try a new holiday recipe, tinker with something, or cave in and color the adult coloring book present you bought for your sister – you can get her a new gift.

3. Go Ahead, Break the Rules!

Traditions are wonderful, but they can also add some pressure to the holidays. Give yourself permission to try new things – you might be pleasantly surprised!

4. Have a Listen.

Between holiday music and kids songs, your personal go-to tunes might not be coming to mind as often. Hearing one of your favorite songs can feel like getting a hug from an old friend. Blast your favorites while doing chores or put on some headphones and zone out for a track or two…or three.

5. Breathe.

Head full of steam? Lists? Mother Goose Club songs?! Just breathe. Get quiet for five deep breaths. Feel your lungs expand and empty. Are you holding tension somewhere? Stretch it out. Think of five deep breaths as your “easy” reset button.

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