Recent reports suggest that over 65% of US households own a pet, and for good reason. For kids especially, growing up with a dog or a cat can be a defining part of their childhood. Pets help children develop emotional, cognitive and social skills, and having a pet can promote physical activity and play. And of course, pets provide comfort during those trying and stressful times.

So in honor of National Puppy Day, head down below for 10 pictures (courtesy of Flickr) of the cutest and cuddliest puppies. And if your family is thinking about adopting a pet, we encourage you to check out your local animal shelter. The Shelter Pet Project is a great resource to help match your family with the perfect furry companion at a nearby shelter and answer all of your questions about pet adoption.

If you also want to celebrate National Puppy Day with rhymes, sing along with Bo Peep in “Ten Little Puppy Dogs“, great for practicing simple counting and vocabulary, or browse our library of videos starring Bingo!


1. Who’s a good boy?

Dogs understand about the same number of words and gestures as a 2-year-old. No wonder they make such great companions for young kids!

2. So sweet

Labrador Retrievers have been on the American Kennel Club’s 10 most popular breeds list longer than any other breed – for 25 years!

3. Check out this teeny tiny

Dalmations are actually born white and develop spots as they get older — guess this cutie is a different breed.

4. A little ray of sunshine

While many people think that dogs are fully colorblind, they can see blue and yellow.

5. Sleepy puppy!

Your dog can catch your yawn! Believe it or not, your yawning can trigger the same in a dog. This is even more prevalent if the dog knows you.

6. Exploring the outside world

The US has the highest pet dog population in the entire world. According to the National Pet Owners Survey, there are more than 89.7 million pet dogs in over 60 million households. Whoa!
Corgi Puppies 41

7. Such drama

A dog’s sense of smell is about 100 thousand times stronger than a human’s, meaning they can pick up on subtle changes in their human’s emotions. For example, they know if you start to perspire due to a change in mood. Dogs can even be trained to sniff out cancer!
Our Pug Moe-Moe as a baby

8. Everyone loves a Frenchie!

Dogs have about 1,700 taste buds, compared to humans that have anywhere between 2 and 10 thousand.
I'll sit for treats only

9. Off to the races

Like a human’s finger print, a dog’s nose print is unique.

10. All tuckered out

45% of pet dogs sleep in their owner’s bed.
Corgi Puppies in July

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Happy snuggling!

Sources for our dog facts:
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