A trip to the park is an effective way to encourage exercise and socializing, but, as parents know, it’s not always sunshine and roses! Park outings can lead to the occasional mishap, from scraped knees to arguments about who’s next in line for the swing. So prep for your next trip with these five tips!

1. Keep Watch

Parent's Guide to Park Safety

Keep those eyes peeled! An innocent, rambunctious child may encourage headfirst dives down the slide, but a watchful parent will have the foresight to prevent incidents before they happen.

2. Inspect Equipment

This is especially important with equipment that may appear weathered or has gone unused for some time. If you spot a potentially hazardous defect, inform your local parks and recreation office. And metal parts can get a bit hot under the midday sun, so a quick feel test may be another smart, preventative action.

Also make sure that your first-aid kit is up-to-date and ready to go before heading out!

3. Dress for Success

Parent's Guide to Park Safety

Wearing the right outfit at the park can prevent a lot of boo-boos and discomfort. Try to avoid loose articles and items, like scarfs or jewelry. We recommend wearing close-toed shoes for some extra snugness and protection.

And consider bringing a change of clothes – just in case!

4. Mind Your Manners

Parent's Guide to Park Safety

In addition to the more obvious mismanaged equipment, mishaps can also occur from poor park etiquette. Be sure to teach kids about general social guidelines and manners at the park.

“Maybe don’t stand on the swings, little Timmy!”

5. Snack and Hydrate

Parent's Guide to Park Safety

To avoid dehydration, or a “hangry” group of kiddos, remember to pack healthy snacks and water. Fruit, granola bars and other simple, nutritious treats should do the trick. And always make sure to have plenty of water!

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We also have plenty of nursery rhyme videos that can help inspire proper social behaviors (and fun!), such as “On the Playground“, “Hello Friend”, “Swimming in the Swimming Pool” and “Mr. Sun”. Happy rhyming and playing!

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