Alphabet Train Food Train Lyrics:

Hello, hello, alphabet train,
Alphabet train, alphabet train.
Hello, hello, alphabet train.
What’s inside today?

A train, apple train.
B train, banana train.
C train, cookie train.
Choo choo choo!

D train, donut train.
E train, eggplant train.
F train, french fry train.
Choo choo choo!

G train, green bean train.
H train, hot dog train.
I train, ice cream train.
Choo choo choo!

J train, jellybean train.
K train, kiwi train.
L train, lemon train.
Choo choo choo!

M train, mango train.
N train, noodle train.
O train, onion train.
Choo choo choo!

P train, pizza train.
Q train, quince train.
R train, raspberry train.
Choo choo choo!

S train, sausage train.
T train, tomato train.
U train, upside-down cake train.
Choo choo choo!

V train, vegetable train.
W train, watermelon train.
X train, xacuti train.
Choo choo choo!

Y train, yogurt train.
Z train, zucchini train.
Goodbye, goodbye, alphabet train.
Choo choo choo!

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