Haunted House Halloween Craft


Pair this haunted house craft with our video for a rhyme-filled, interactive and spooky time with your loved ones.

Halloween Spider Craft


This Halloween spider-themed craft provides families with a fun bonding activity leading up to the big day!

Tips for Safely Navigating YouTube

Grown Ups

Try these tips in order to keep you and your child's YouTube experience as safe and enriching as possible.

‘Eight Planets’ Craft


This activity offers a valuable introduction to science education and will help develop vocabulary, inspire curiosity and more!

Plastic Bottle Planter Craft


This bottle planter craft is a terrific way to make lasting use of an old plastic bottle. At the same time, it's a fun, artsy, educational activity for the family!

Tips for Dealing With Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety is a common and healthy phase of early childhood, but there are steps that parents can take to help make those tough goodbyes a little easier.

Back-to-School Accessory Craft


Happy back-to-school! Add some style and flare to your new outfit and supplies with this simple character-themed craft!

‘Fire Engine, Fire Engine’ Printables


Pair these "Fire Engine, Fire Engine" printables with the video for a valuable, fun learning experience featuring fireman Eep!

‘Fire Engine, Fire Engine’ Craft


Craft your own fire truck toy based on our new "Fire Engine, Fire Engine" video!

Gardening With Kids: Tips and Resources


Gardening provides opportunities to engage first-hand with school subjects, and it's also a terrific physical activity. Try these tips to get your family started before the end of summer!

Expand Vocabulary in ‘A Is for Alphabet’

Reading Resources

Download this free Mother Goose Club eBook to expand your child's vocabulary, and meet some fun new characters along the way!

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